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Our Classes


Our ‘Nursery’ classes are open to children aged from 2 ½-4 years. Classes combine the basic structure of a ballet class along with creative movement & simple dance skills. This class is a fun introduction to dance that will stimulate the mind and appeal to the young dancer, utilising the skills of imagery to inspire the child and encourage both structured and free movement.


Our classes aim to inspire children and at the same time progress their co-ordination, balance, posture and movement skills as well as their sense of rhythm and musicality. Self-awareness, confidence and self-discipline are also improved upon.


Pre-Syllabus Ballet

Our ‘Pre-Syllabus ballet’ classes are open to children aged 4-5 years. Classes are a step up from nursery classes and offer a more structured class, focusing on ballet technique in more detail. As with nursery classes, the aim is to inspire your child whilst improving their co-ordination, balance, posture and movement skills as well as their sense of rhythm and musicality.


Children will also further improve upon their self-awareness, confidence and self-discipline. From here the children can progress to classes in various styles of dance.

Beginners Acro

Our 'Beginners Acro' classes follow the Acrobatic Arts, AcroDance Pre School syllabus and are designed for children aged 3-6 years.


Children will learn and develop basic acro positions, locomotive skills, balance skills, classroom behaviour skills, movement concepts, cooperation, and social skills. The magic is in the repetition, the report cards, colouring pages, imaginary play, fun and games. We aim to inspire children to develop self-awareness and self-discipline, as well as confidence and skill.


All Stars

Our ‘All Stars’ classes are open to children aged 4-6 years and are a fun-filled introduction to performing arts. Children will enjoy singing, music, dancing, drama and story-telling.

These classes are designed to enhance reading, speaking and listening skills and teach children to learn to work and perform as part of a team. 

Regular performances for parents are scheduled into the term to demonstrate progress and consolidate learning.


Our ‘Ballet’ classes are open to children aged 6+ years. Classical ballet forms the basic technique required for all other dance disciplines, helping children to demonstrate correct posture and balance, whilst developing muscle tone. Classes maintain a positive learning environment and teach the children correct classroom etiquette and discipline whilst maintaining an element of fun. The BBOdance examination syllabus is followed, which is fully accredited by the Dance Council of Great Britain and the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority. Although exams are not essential, children will progress through the grades as they improve, and as they get older they are encouraged to show their personality through their work and develop their own individual performance style.



Our ‘Jazz‘ classes are open to children aged 6+ years who also take ballet classes. Classes do not follow a syllabus, ensuring the children are challenged weekly to pick up new choreography. This encourages their appreciation of all types of music and provokes their own creativity, as well as improving fitness and having fun.


Children learn how to move their bodies in a variety of ways, both as a whole and in isolation and how to change the look of a movement by adaptation. Technical exercises and stretching in Jazz assists the students in developing strength and flexibility and compliments their training in classical ballet. Basic Anatomy and Physiology skills relevant to Dance are also taught, which is most important for the Warm –Up, Stretch and Cool Down sections of the class.



Our ‘Acro’ classes are open to children aged 7+ years who already take ballet and jazz classes. EJTA is a certified  'Acrobatic Arts' studio and follows this syllabus with the opportunity for students to take exams if they wish. The class teaches flexibility, balance, strength, and muscle control. Acro is not the typical tumbling or gymnastics class. This class is great for children looking to enhance their agility, flexibility, & strength, learning acrobatic tricks that can later be added into dance routines.


Children will learn the basic acrobatic movements before moving on to more advanced tricks. This class will focus on skills including: handstands; cartwheels; head stands; standing backbends; front and back overs and round offs initially (with more advanced tricks being available for those students that can master these skills quickly as everyone learns at their own pace). Advancing to skills including: elbow stands, one-handed front walkovers, back handsprings, aerials and many more advanced tricks.


Our 'Contemporary' classes are open to children aged 7+ years who already take ballet classes. It is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including classical ballet and jazz. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements. This style of dance stresses versatility and improvisation, unlike the strict, structured nature of ballet.


Contemporary dancers focus on floorwork, using gravity to pull them down to the floor and is often danced in bare feet. It can be performed to many different styles of music, enabling students to really develop their musicality and performance skills.


Our ‘Tap’ classes are open to children aged 5+ years. Classes greatly assist children with the development of rhythm and musicality and are energetic and great fun. Tap dance helps children to develop excellent listening skills and although it is challenging, with practice children improve their technique and can tackle more complicated, faster tempos and rhythms and longer combinations. Tap was Emily Jade’s favourite discipline as a child and she has a great love for it. She teaches tap at one of the top Vocational training schools and is passionate about her pupils reaching their full potential, whatever their age.


Classes follow the BBOdance syllabus which is very technical, and children will move up through the grades as they improve. Free work is also included in lessons.


Our ‘Drama’ classes are open to children aged 7+ years. These classes use plays, monologues, improvisational work and theatre games to assist with reading, speaking and listening skills. The children work with differing story lines, experimenting with developing various characters, and are encouraged to think for themselves as to how their characters would behave in a range of scenarios.


Working both in groups and alone in different tasks greatly assists in building confidence and social skills, as well as skills in public speaking. Regular performances for parents are scheduled into the term to demonstrate progress and consolidate learning.

Stretch & Conditioning

Our 'Stretch & Conditioning’ classes are open to children aged 6+ years that take ballet & jazz.  The class aims to assist students to build strength in their muscles to assist technique in other classes.  We also aim to stretch out tired leg muscles such as hamstrings, quadriceps, iliotibia bands and calf muscles, increasing flexibility in the spine and hip region, looking at safe stretching practises and limits, and developing a daily stretch routine that the students can take home. This class is perfect for any student with weakness in a particular region, recovering from injury, or wishing to improve strength and flexibility.


Our ‘Singing’ classes are open to children aged 7+ years. Children are given the opportunity to learn songs in groups, building confidence while working as part of a team. Age appropriate songs are carefully selected by our expert teachers from a range of styles including pop and musical theatre to ensure a broad range of training.


The children will learn to sing in harmony and in rounds and will also be encouraged to take solo lines, gaining confidence to sing in front of each other in preparation for a larger audience. Private singing lessons are also available for those wishing to improve their individual vocal skills further.






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